Students As Teachers

Students As Teachers

by David C. Bloomfield

PS 115K, The Daniel Mucatel School Promotion Ceremony

Keynote Address

June 18, 2009

Thank you Principal Pinsky, Mr. Gerber, Ms. Cortijo, Honored Guests, Teachers, Parents, Family and Friends. I want to speak now to the graduates.

I am Mr. Pinsky’s boss!  I’m the head of the Educational Leadership Program at Brooklyn College and Mr. Pinsky is a professor there, helping teachers learn to become great principals like him.

And I was thinking.  Even though I’m Mr. Pinsky’s boss, I’ve learned so much from him.  I’ve learned how to run a successful school. I’ve learned how to celebrate students, teachers, and parents.  Most of all, I’ve learned that most important lesson in life – how to wear nice ties.  Ooh la la!

Mr. Pinsky has taught me a lot. And today I want to thank you for teaching your teachers a lot:

          · You taught them to be silly.

          · You taught them A LOT of excuses.

          · You taught them how to be so excited about a book that you have to tell EVERYBODY about it.

          · You taught them that you can be angry with somebody one day, then friends the next.

          · You taught them that sometimes a painting is never finished because DOING is more important than DONE.

          · You taught them that a wrong answer can be more interesting than the right one.

So you’ve taught us a lot. You’re off to teach other teachers now. But don’t worry. Because of what you’ve taught us, we’ll be OK.


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