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Mayor Bloomberg Takes Pass on Grading President Obama by Erin Einhorn

December 22, 2009

Critics of the mayor’s school grading system say schools shouldn’t be reduced to A’s or F’s, either.

“[Bloomberg’s] recognition that a presidential term cannot be boiled down to a grade should be extended to the complexity of running a school,” said David Bloomfield, a Brooklyn College education professor.


New York Students Predict Hardship if Free Fares Are Cut by Sharon Otterman –

December 18, 2009
David Bloomfield

David Bloomfield, the former general counsel for the city’s Department of Education, said that the state would most likely face legal challenges were the cuts to go through. “If suburban students have the right to transportation,” he said, urban families would probably press for the same right. “I believe it would have a devastating impact, especially on kids over 17,” he said. “This might be just another reason for dropping out of school.”

Teacher Tenure Tantrum

December 1, 2009


The lame duck is acting like a bantam rooster.

Mayor Bloomberg’s fuss-and-feathers over use of student performance data in teacher tenure decisions is a short-lived diversion, like his presidential run during a previous lame duck period. Legal authority for his position is questionable and of little practical consequence. At best, under current law, he has one year to try to work his will but no principal’s tenure decision will change based on this new edict. Weakened by his slim re-election margin, Bloomberg’s tantrum is an understandable political strategy to appear politically strong. But our education plight is too important to be distracted by this sideshow.

The mayor invokes that portion of New York State Education Law § 3012-b as added by Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2007 which permits principals to make teacher tenure determinations based on “an evaluation of the extent to which the teacher successfully utilized analysis of available student performance data” and the more elastic “assessment of the teacher’s performance by the teacher’s building administrator.”

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