Testimony Opposing PS 15 / Charter Co-location

Testimony of David C. Bloomfield

Professor and Program Head, Educational Leadership

Brooklyn College, CUNY


P.S. 15, The Patrick F. Daly School

71 Sullivan Street, Brooklyn, NY

January 19, 2010

I am honored to speak before you tonight about saving P.S. 15.  The children of P.S. 15, along with their parents, teachers, and administrators deserve at least as much respect for their educational needs as the Department of Education has heaped on PAVE Academy.

Chancellor Klein’s rhetoric appropriately focuses on “children first,” not schools.  But when he concentrates on students at PAVE, he fails to meet his obligation to students at P.S. 15.  PAVE gets extra consideration, not equal consideration.  PAVE gets capital money that it is not entitled to while P.S. 15 kids are marginalized, receiving less than their fair share of space.  Their education is disrupted, corrupted, and disgusted by the Chancellor’s ideologically-driven preference for PAVE.  The Chancellor says that he needs to meet the needs of all students.  I agree.  Let him prove it here and now by keeping his previous promises to the children of P.S. 15.

I am not an enemy of charter schools.  I wrote the first draft charter school bill for New York State.  I support charters.  But charters were not meant to compete with other public school students for resources.  They were to supplement the traditional public sector with new ideas and new funding.  Charters should expand the pie, not compete for crumbs.  Thus, PAVE should secure outside funding to support its capital needs. 

P.S. 15 students should not have to bear the burden of PAVE’s grade-by-grade expansion.  The children of P.S. 15 should not be victims of the DOE’s broken promises that predetermine instructional disruption and inter-school conflict.

Thank you.


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