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Leading With Integrity in a Dysfunctonal Education System (interview @ BAMradionetwork)

October 26, 2011

Baltimore Supt. Andres Alonso and I discuss Cheating


‘Unprepared’ City Grads Pack CUNY’s Remediation Rolls by Susan Edelman @NYPost

October 23, 2011

“giving out credits like candy” by the #NYCDOE; cost shifting from City to State

@NYPOST #CreditRecovery EDITORIAL: Cheaters Sometimes Win

October 17, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg likes to boast of the “gains” made in city schools during his tenure, but  the test scores and graduation rates he cites have long been suspect.

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Sheesh! It’s nothing more than — as one expert termed it — “approved  cheating.”

“This is simply a phony process for getting kids undeserved credits,” says  Brooklyn College education professor David Bloomfield. It makes a mockery of “real learning and subject mastery.”

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Critical of New York State / New York City High School Credit Recovery Policies

October 10, 2011

In this NY Post article by Susan Edelman, I call NYS/NYC credit recovery policies “approved cheating” and “a phony process for getting undeserved credits”; making a mockery of “real learning and subject mastery.”